Read Answers on Quora Without Login Using Cookie Method

quora answers without login

 Jun 3, 2018    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 4 minutes

Quora is a great community for asking and answering the questions. One can ask question of any category or topic and other members of community answer the question. Users can also collaborate by suggesting edits to the submitted answers to improve

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AsteroidOS: An Open-source Smartwatch OS Gets First Stable Release

asteroidos gets first stable release

 May 16, 2018    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 2 minutes

AsteroidOS, an open-source operating system for WearOS initiated four years ago by a computer science student has received it’s first stable version 1.0 release. It was going through Alpha testing during December 2016 and is currently on the playground as an alternative to Google’s WearOS

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Purpose of each Directory inside Root Partition in Linux

list of directories in linux

 May 11, 2018    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 4 minutes

If we take a look at the root directory of a Linux or Unix-like operating system, we can see numbers of directories present inside it. But have you ever thought what is those each directory intended to do? We call it Linux File System Hierarchy Standards (FHS). In this post,

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How to get started with Google AdSense?

integrate google adsense to your blog

 May 10, 2018    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 3 minutes

Advertising through the internet is one of the most efficient channels in this digital era since the ads can be targeted towards the user on the basis of their interests. When the relevant ads are displayed, the reachability of ads for the service provider is also high as well as useful for the customers. Making passive income is one of the best opportunity

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Participated in NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017

team aarcana at NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017

 Apr 30, 2017    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 3 minutes

Annually NASA organizes an international hackathon event known as “Space Apps” over 48 hours in different cities across the globe. NASA throws set of challenges to address the real-world problems of Earth and space to everyone who dare to tackle the challenge using robotics, data visualization, hardware, design etc. using open data. In Nepal, it was organized by International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD),

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