Read Answers on Quora Without Login Using Cookie Method

Quora is a great community for asking and answering the questions. One can ask question of any category or topic and other members of community answer the question. Users can also collaborate by suggesting edits to the submitted answers to improve the answer. The answers can be upvoted by the members to indicate as the best answer.

The answers on the Quora are publicly available, but it has implemented limitation to read the answer. If a user read one question post and try to view another question, Quora asks the user to log in. Maybe this is one of their strategies to increase the community but it may not be pleasant for everyone. The viewer may not want to signup or login to read only the answers which are publicly available. Similar communities like StackOverflow and Stack Exchange let the viewer read the answers without restriction but Quora decided to be different by forcing the viewer to log in for reading the answers.

For those who find this unpleasant, it can be successfully bypassed using the following methods.

This is the best method if you want a permanent solution to read answers on Quora without logging in. Quora uses cookies in order to track if you have previously read any questions on its site. If it finds the cookie then, it throws the login popup else you can continue reading on. So blocking quora to create the cookie get the job done. Follow these steps to block cookies of Quora in Google Chrome:

Step 1

Click on the three dotted vertical button at the top right corner and click on settings.

chrome settings

Step 2

Scroll to the bottom of a page and click “Advanced” to see more setting options. Find “Content settings” and click on that.

chrome content settings

Step 3

Inside Content settings, click on Cookies.

cookies inside content settings in chrome

Step 4

Now find the Block section and click on ADD

add cookies to block in chrome

Step 5

Now in the textbox under Site, add and click on ADD.

adding site to block cookies in chrome

Step 6

After clicking ADD, the site is visible inside the Block section as in the image below.

site blocked for cookies

Now you can use Quora without logging in and this setting is persistent until you clear it. If you want to allow the cookies in future, you can follow the same method and remove the site from Blocked section under Cookies in the Content settings.

2. Pasting the URL in Incognito Mode

It works similarly as the previous solution as Quora cannot find any cookies related to it in the Incognito mode. This method may be handy if you are using Quora on mobile devices or if your browser does not support disabling cookie for the specific site. Also, this solution is preferred if you sometimes log in to the quora to upvote the answer or answer the question. Here is how to do it.

Step 1

Copy the URL of question you want to read.

copy quora url

Step 2

Open an Incognito window and paste the URL into the URL bar.

paste quora url in incognito window

This way you can read the post without logging in and without the disabling the cookies for Quora.

3. Adding ?share=1 at the end of URL

Another method that lets you read the answer in Quora without signing in is adding ?share=1 at the end of the URL. Following image shows how to do it:

use quora without login

With these steps, you can read posts on Quora without logging in. Are you happy with the login prompt to read publicly available answers in Quora? Share your opinion in the comment section.