ICT Solved! is created with an aim to solve your problems that arise in Linux, Windows, Android and iOS. This web portal is completely dedicated to provide you a detailed and full information so that you not only can solve your problems but also can learn and understand what are the reasons behind the problem and what you can do to prevent it from letting that happen again. Giving you useful tips and tricks so that you can utilize the optimum output from your computer or mobile is the main focus of ICT Solved!.

This web portal specially targets the noob as well as the moderate users. The noob can take advantage by learning the new things and solving the problems with the help of this portal whereas the moderate users can enhance their knowledge even more further and can solve their problems too. No matter the user uses Linux or Windows, Android or iOS; ICT Solved! covers a wide variety of problems ranging from the most common to most rare. That is what "ICT Solved!" is.