22 Outstanding Dentist App UI Designs

dentist app ui design

 Sep 3, 2019    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 4 minutes

Technology has benefitted us in several ways and one of them is taking an appointment with doctors with mobile apps

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15 Best Clock App UI Design 2019

clock app ui design 2019

 Sep 1, 2019    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 6 minutes

UI/UX design has been one of the most crucial aspects of tech industry. Tech companies are paying huge sum for the designers to provide best UI/UX to their customers. Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Timer and World Clock are very useful

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Git Merge Tutorial

git merge tutorial

 Mar 3, 2019    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 4 minutes

Git merge is used to join two or more development histories together. In this article, we are going to talk about different cases of merging the branches with example.

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Getting Started with Git

git tutorial

 Mar 2, 2019    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 14 minutes

Git is a distributed Version Control System (VCS) which is used for tracking the source code during software development. It allows collaboration between the contributors and targets to maintain integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows.

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62 New Emojis Arrive Including Superhero and Supervillain

emojis in unicode 11

 Jun 5, 2018    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 2 minutes

On June 5, 2018, Unicode 11.0 arrives. It includes 66 new emoji code points, out of which 62 of them are for emojis that will be seen on the keyboard. Back in February, a total number of 157 emojis were finalized for 2018. This release signifies

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