25 Awesome Figma Illustration Templates

Figma is a collaborative prototype design tool that is widely being used for the UI/UX design. It is a cloud-based tool and offers various features a UI/UX designer seeks. We are presenting you the awesome collection of figma illustration templates curated by the designers to inspire you for UI/UX designs. These templates are chosen from the UI design challenges which were featured and selected as best illustrations so there is no doubt that these are awesome and is a source of inspiration for you.

Figma Illustration by purnika perera

Travel Illustration by Alex Martynov

Review Concepts Illustration Download Free For Landing Page by Themex

Bookspace - Astronaut sitting on a meteorite by Denis B

Business concept by Jigar Patel

Education Icon Set by rajesh dey | graphicswala

Shapes with Figma by 👹 Aymen

chat onboarding illustrations by Designer Techcronus

Agency Landing Page Design by Rîfat Âhměd

Illustration for Website by Illia Kolesnyk

Design Startup Landingpage by Faiz Al-Qurni

Cafe Illustration by Ahmad Faizien

Illustration by Lokeshwaran Rajkumar

Belonging to the aroid genus by Настя Левицька

Naturally Nepal 🇳🇵 by Ishwor Thapa

Flight Booking App Landing Page by M Mohamed Fariz

Crypto Illustration Kit - Free Update! by Alex Martynov

Onboarding screen by Uptech

Landing Page for Real Estate Company. by Uchechukwu Thaddeus Onyeka

Caption Marvel Landing Page by M Mohamed Fariz

Login UI Component C by Alexandr Fedorov

Futuristic design for delivery system in 2030 by Uchechukwu Thaddeus Onyeka

Banking Illustration Vol. 2 by Pablo Fernández Coronel

Carnival Bank by Lakshman Sharma

Business Illustration Kit by Alex Martynov