Recover Grub of EFI System in Linux

grub screen

 Sep 30, 2016    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 2 minutes

All the linux users who use distro with GRUB as a bootloader are aware of its value. That hard time when you power on the computer and after a brand logo the next screen just appears to show you message that GRUB was not able to load the entries. In this article, you’ll get to know how to recover the GRUB bootloader on EFI/UEFI system.

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Won NOSKode 2016

team aarcana at NOSKode 2016

 Sep 22, 2016    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 4 minutes

Almost every techie is aware about 3rd Saturday of September and specially those who love open source, it is obviously a special day. Yes, it is the day of freedom and liberty which we call as Software Freedom Day. It is a global event and is being celebrated since 2004 August 28.

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