How to get started with Google AdSense?

Advertising through the internet is one of the most efficient channels in this digital era since the ads can be targeted towards the user on the basis of their interests. When the relevant ads are displayed, the reachability of ads for the service provider is also high as well as useful for the customers. Making passive income is one of the best opportunity that can be grabbed from online advertising. One doesn’t even need to search for the ads provider because there are platforms like Google AdSense, Amazon Associates etc. which provides the ads that one can integrate to their websites. One of the most popular services among these platforms are Google Adsense, a product of Google. In this article, we will see how to get started with the Google Adsense for the website and make passive income.

You need to fulfill three criteria for integrating Adsense to your website.

  1. You must have a Google account, if you don’t then sign up here.

  2. Content that does not violate the Adsense Policies .

  3. A phone number and mailing address associated with the bank you want to receive payment from.

If you fulfill the above criteria, you can get started with Adsense.

Step 1: Sign Up for AdSense

Visit AdSense Sign Up page.

You will see a page similar to this one and click on Sign Up Now. Adsense Sign Up

Step 2. Enter Web URL and Email

When you click on Sign Up Now, you will need to enter the URL of your website and your email address you want to sign up AdSense with. If you want to occasionally receive helpful emails from AdSense, you can opt-in for the suggestions.

AdSense Details

Step 3: Complete the process

After filling the information, now click on Save And Continue. You will now need to enter your valid mailing address to receive payments, verify your phone number and paste the provided script inside the head tag of your webpage on which you want to display ads. It will look like this:

AdSense Code

After you paste the scripts inside head tag in your browser, now put the tick mark in the checkbox saying “I’ve pasted the code into my site.” and click Done. Your request is now successfully placed and AdSense team will verify whether you are eligible to apply for the AdSense within two days and mail you accordingly.

AdSense Request Successful

If your request is approved, the ads will start to show on your website and you will start earning. You can check your earning from the AdSense dashboard. You can increase your earning by optimizing the website with SEO, by increasing traffic to your website with the attractive contents and following the AdSense Policy strictly. You can also add analytics service to your website in order to monitor the traffic on your website.