Tools Every Project Manager Needs for Improved Workflows and Better Results

top project management tools

 May 22, 2020    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 3 minutes

Any great project requires careful planning, collaboration, and expert-level execution. Plenty of teams have great ideas, but a project is only successful when everyone can bring their best work to the table. The key to a great project management

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The Top UI / UX Trends To Know For 2020

ui/ux trend of 2020

 Feb 29, 2020    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 4 minutes

The UI and UX of an app play such an important role in its success. These factors are key to delivering a program or service that is useful and engaging. A good UI/UX design can draw new users to

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25 Awesome Figma Illustration Templates

figma illustration templates

 Nov 30, 2019    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 1 min

Figma is a collaborative prototype design tool that is widely being used for the UI/UX design. It is a cloud-based tool and offers various features

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40 Bookstore App UI Designs For Inspiration

bookstore app ui design

 Nov 30, 2019    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 1 min

Here is a curated list of bookstore mobile application UI designs choosen from UI design challenges which were featured and considered best. These designs can fit for E-book reader application,

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38 Beautiful Meditation App UI Design Concepts

meditation app ui design concept

 Nov 22, 2019    Sarad Gajurel    Reading time: 1 min

Meditation is a way to seek into one’s innerself and promote innerpeace. It is very important to focus on the user interface as well as user experience while designing applications for such purpose.

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